Scientists Develop Cricket Bat That Will Revolutionize Cricket

Scientists at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom have developed a revolutionary cricket bat made out of bamboo and according to them, it will offer better performance, be better for the environmental footprint and help make the equipment more accessible to people living in poor countries.


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For over 200 years, the cricket bat has been manufactured using willow, but scientists believe that as every aspect of the game has evolved over the years, it is time to evolve the cricket bat as well. The switch from willow to bamboo bats will also prove beneficial for the environment as the willow trees take about 15 years to fully harvest and during bat manufacturing at least 15% percent of the wood is wasted.

Dr. Darshil Shah, Ben Tinkler, and Michael Ramirez at the Center for Natural Material of Innovation at Cambridge University in collaboration with cricket bat manufacturers, Garrard and Flack, created the prototype bamboo cricket bats.

The prototype bat has undergone multiple tests, including microscopic analysis, video capture technology, computer modeling, compression testing, surface strength, and vibration test, to test its strength and durability. The results of the tests revealed that the bamboo cricket bat was three times stronger than a traditional bat.


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The ‘sweet-spot’ or the ‘middle of the bat’ of the bamboo bat is also a bit larger than the traditional bat and performs 19 percent better. The bamboo bat weighs more than a traditional willow bat, but according to Dr. Darshil, the team is working to optimize that as well.

The scientists believe that the revolutionary bat is well within the ‘spirit of the game’ and will be used in international cricket in the near future.

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