Intel Announces New 10nm Tiger Lake CPUs for Laptops

Intel is adding new processors to its Tiger Lake CPU lineup once again. We got the 9/15W U-series in September last year, the 28/35W H35 models earlier this year in January, and now we are getting the 45W top dogs of the H series.


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These new top-notch processors are made for high-end laptops that usually cost around $1000. The U and H35 processors were limited to quad-core designs, but these new Tiger Lake-H CPUs bring 6 and 8 core configurations. These are also based on the 10nm node.

The top model in this new lineup is called the Core i9-11980HK, which is Intel’s first unlocked 10nm processor. It comes with 8 cores and 16 threads and is running at a base clock speed of 2.6 GHz at 45W. It can also go up to 3.3 GHz at 65W base frequencies, 4.5 GHz in turbo mode, and 5 GHz at its peak with two cores active.

The other processors in the H series run at 35/45W and offer lower clock speeds. Intel has split the entire lineup into a consumer line (including the HK processors) and the commercial line which includes Xeon W-11000M processors as well.

The new 10nm Tiger Lake processors promise 19% higher performance per clock compared to the last generation, the Comet Lake series. The 14nm Comet Lake series was a refinement over its previous generation, the Sky Lake series.

Here is how the gaming performance of the new Tiger Lake H series compares to the previous generation.

(Note that these are only Intel’s own benchmarks and we will only get to see the full story through third-party performance tests)

The new Tiger Lake H series processors should start appearing in laptops later this year.

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