Islamabad Airport Gets New Type of COVID-19 Detectors

Specially trained dogs have been deployed at New Islamabad International Airport to sniff out passengers infected with COVID-19.

According to details, Pakistan Army’s Dog Breeding Training Centre and School have trained the dogs in order to identify passengers infected with Coronavirus.


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The dogs have been deployed initially at New Islamabad Airport as part of a trial which will be extended to all airports in the next few weeks.

Besides, a four-member team of the Ministry of Health has also been deployed at New Islamabad Airport to collect the samples of the suspected Coronavirus patients.

Research has shown that trained dogs can sniff out COVID-19 infections with 94% accuracy. The smell receptors in dogs are 10,000 times more powerful and accurate than human beings. Trained dogs have previously been able to detect malaria, cancer, and other viral infections.

The decision to deploy COVID-19 sniffing dogs comes after several inbound travelers infected with Coronavirus had entered the country from different airports by showing fake PCR test reports.

The inbound passengers, mostly from the Gulf, tested positive for the Coronavirus upon arrival despite being in possession of negative PCR test results.


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CAA Issues New Guidelines

Taking notice of the reports of inbound passengers with COVID-19 entering the country on fake PCR test reports, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued new directives to all airlines operating in Pakistan.

CAA has ordered all airlines to ensure inbound travelers possess PCR test results only from respective government-approved laboratories before they check-in for flights to Pakistan.

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