MG Dealership Employee Allegedly Manhandles Customer

MG Pakistan is once again the center of negative attention after a recent skirmish at one of its dealerships. A video of it has been circulating on Facebook since yesterday, showing customers engaged in a loud argument with an MG employee who had allegedly pushed a customer.

The customers had come to the dealership seeking an explanation for the delayed delivery of their vehicles, and some of them had demanded refunds of their booking amounts.

The person making the video had not captured all the events of the situation, but two customers had placed themselves in front of the camera and alleged that one of the employees at the dealerships had misbehaved with the customers and had pushed them, thus angering several of the customers present.

MG is yet to address the incident.


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Meanwhile, the video is spreading like wildfire on social media, garnering negative attention and adding to controversy already associated with the brand.

A few weeks ago, a similar incident was captured on video in front of the MG lounge at Packages Mall, Lahore, showing several disgruntled customers. Many of them had their pay orders in hand and demanded an explanation or compensation from MG for its delayed deliveries.


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Since then, MG has delivered vehicles to many of its customers, but the demands seem to be too much for it to cope with, especially regarding the import of CBUs.

Some reports allege that MG has overbooked orders, which has led to it not being able to fulfill them on time.

However, as stated before, delivery time is likely to remain a concern for MG as long as it does not begin the local assembly of its vehicles, as it is believed that the CBUs will continue to be delayed owing to numerous obstacles in the import process because of crises caused by the pandemic.

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