Apple Owner says Android has 47X malware than iPhone

During a live chat at the VivaTech 2021 conference in Paris. iPhone owner Tim Cook said that Android phones have 47X more malware and viruses than in iPhone, because of the side-loading feature present in them.

According to the sources, cook’s statement added more fuel to the Apple vs. Android debate, Side loading was the feature that could make up Android phones a better choice to users than iPhone, but now cook made the statement against the practice of side-loading apps in the recent interview.

Cook also said that “side-loading” mobile apps were not in the “best interests of users.”

As per the sources, Apple is currently caught in the middle of a court trial where Epic Games Inc has alleged that Apple users and developers are “trapped” in a dominant marketplace through apps that run on its universal phones. Apple has called this a “fundamental assault” on the company’s business model.

“The current DMA language that is being discussed would force side loading on the iPhone,” he said. “That would destroy the security of the iPhone and a lot of the privacy initiatives that we’ve built into the App Store, where we have privacy nutrition labels and App Tracking Transparency where it forces people to get permission to track across apps.”

 Cook thinks that imposing side-loading apps on iOS just like Android would ruin the security and privacy of the iOS platform.

“We’ve been focused on privacy for over a decade. We see it as a basic human right. A fundamental human right,” the Apple boss said.

“These things would not exist anymore except in people that stuck in our ecosystem, and so I worry deeply about privacy and security.” He also added.

Cook also claimed that Android has “47 times more malware” than Apple because they have designed the iOS in such a way that there’s one app store and “all the apps are reviewed” before going to the store.

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