Apple says Shazam identifies over a billion songs per month

Apple’s owned music identifying App shazam exceeds over a billion songs in a month, declared by the company ‘Apple ‘itself.

Popular Apple-owned music discovery app Shazam is celebrating a new achievement today, exceedingly over 1 billion Shazams per month and 50 billion tags since the app was launched for the first time.

“Shazam is synonymous with magic,” said Oliver Schusser, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats, “both for the fans getting a song recognition almost instantly, and for the artists being discovered. With 1 billion recognitions a month, Shazam is one of the most popular music apps in the world. Today’s milestones show not only people’s love for Shazam but also the ever-growing appetite for music discovery around the world.”

As per sources, Apple had purchased popular music app Shazam a couple years ago. Over the years, Apple has integrated Shazam into iOS and now the app has hit a new milestone. Apple users can ask Siri to recognize songs as Shazam is built into Apple devices. Users can download the app as well or use music identification functionality through the Control Center on iPhone and iPad.

Like most of Apple’s services, Shazam is specifically designed to protect users’ privacy. When a user starts the Shazam’s music recognition, a digital fingerprint of the audio is created and, within seconds, paired against Shazam’s database of millions of tracks. The digital fingerprint is generated on device, and raw audio is not sent to Apple. This guarantees the whole recognition process remains secure and the users’ privacy is protected.

Apple is also launching its ShazamKit for developers, making it possible for third-party apps to employ the feature which matches music to the millions of songs in Shazam’s vast catalog or make any prerecorded audio recognizable by building a custom catalog using audio from video, podcasts, and more.

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