In Hong Kong, cargo thieves stole the Chips worth HK$5m ($644K)

According to a Hong Kong media report, on June 16 around 3 pm in Tuen Mun (Hong Kong) cargo thieves robbed a bunch of chips that was to be shipped. A logistics company was hired to deliver a batch of costly electronic chips (14 boxes) worth about HK$5 million (~$644,000) to the manufacturer’s warehouse.

As per the sources, the interesting part of the whole situation was that the chip was just being moved to a stockroom on the eighth floor of the same building. Three men attacked the truck driver’s assistant in the elevator as soon as the door closed, leaving him with some level of wounds. The boy then informed his colleagues who at that point called the police but unfortunately the criminals couldn’t be found anywhere.

According to another recent research report by a market assessment company “Trend force Consulting”, the semiconductor manufacturing industry has gained enormously from the growing demand for several terminal applications, increasing their stockpile prices. The rise in demand compared to the supply has also increased the prices of the wafer and adjusting to the product mix to guarantee profitability. The high-level demand could cause an increase in the theft of chip cargoes and thus, they may need to increase their security level.

According to experts, the global chip deficiency isn’t leaving soon. As manufacturers push for the restricted supply of chips, the shortage is about taking a whole new dimension. And now the News originating from Hong Kong shows that cargo thieves are targeting the chip supply chain.

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