Pakistan’s Top Engineering University introduces BS Data Science for the first time

In line with cutting-edge and state-of-the-art trends and technologies, GIKI’s Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering proactively took a lead to start BS Data Science for the first time at GIK Institute, accredited by National Computing Education Accreditation Council, Pakistan. Many companies have started contacting GIK for collaboration. Collaboration arrangements on the pattern of Huawei that has partnered the Artificial Intelligence program with GIK are also being thought of.

The future outlook of Data Science was discussed with reference to a recent article in the American press. The rhetoric behind the said article was not found acceptable in the context of Pakistan. It is a modern program in the era of Big Data Analytics being extensively used in advanced economies for informed decision making and other purposes through mathematically rooted models. The thinking behind launching Data Science as one of important future programs has been appreciated everywhere. Indian Institute of Technology has recently approved new 4-year BS and 5 year MS programs in Statistics and Data Science.

Data Science encompasses the vast volumes of data generated daily in modern life, from social networks to scientific research, finance, healthcare, econometrics, and finding solutions to diverse real-world problems. This requires sophisticated computing, statistical and mathematical skills using large-scale data analytics. According to the management, GIK provides modern labs including a High-Performance Computing facility, the latest software, and highly specialized faculty to support the program. The program has been conceived and carefully designed NCEAC approved curriculum, by forecasting the high demand of Data Scientist and to meet the requirements of the fourth & fifth industrial revolutions.

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