Engineering Sciences, A Double Degree offering Program of Top Engineering University for fresh undergraduates in 2021

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology is the top most university of Pakistan that offers multifarious engineering programs. Among others, the university also one of the unique program viz. Engineering Sciences, that could be converted into a Doubled degree program as well by adding another year education.

Engineering Sciences is a unique inter-disciplinary engineering program in the country that encompasses some of the most modern fields of engineering under one umbrella through ongoing admissions for Fall 2021. The University offers Scholarships to the undergraduates that have been doubled this year.

Being a PEC-approved forward-looking curriculum encompassing specialization in contemporary fields of engineering such as Photonics, semiconductors, microelectronics, modelling and simulation.

The significance, benefit and scope of the field of BS in Engineering Sciences can be seen through the highly successful alumni serving globally, who have completed this program from GIK Institute previously. BS in Engineering Sciences students are successfully exposed to high rate of quality research output, highly qualified faculty holding international prizes, medals, and patents, thereby leading the country in research in Efficient Energy Storage, Simulation-based Study of LEDs, and Organic Solar Cells coupled with state-of-the-art undergraduate labs including instrumentation, optical communications, lasers, semiconductors, and microelectronics.

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