WhatsApp will soon be available offline on multiple devices

According to the news, WhatsApp is about to launch its ‘offline availability’ feature on both android and iOS platforms within 2 months.

It is good news for WhatsApp users all over the world that the Facebook-owned text and video messaging platform is working on the WhatsApp Web Beta version for iOS and Android beta users, which will allow users to use it without having an internet connection.

According to the sources, Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO, and Will Cathcart head of WhatsApp also verified that the multi-device will be introduced in the next couple of months. Though, to make the newest feature perfect, it would take a long time.

Then when launched, users will connect four devices to their WhatsApp accounts, adding that WhatsApp will also allow users to move around their chat history among iOS and Android devices. The voice and video calls will function throughout all the connected devices, with the addition that those who do not update their WhatsApp cannot receive calls or messages. 

WhatsApp also turned out a new ‘archived chats’ tab for iOS last week. With the help of this new functionality, each time any user receives a message from an archived chat, it will not be un-archived automatically.

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