Balochistan to Build 49 new Dams at cost of Rs6.4b

As per the news, Balochistan Govt will construct over 49 new dams with an approximate cost of Rs 6.451 billion during the current financial year (2021-22), in order to hose down thousands of acres of land in the province. These dams would significantly reduce water shortage and enhance ground-level water in the relevant areas.

According to the officials, the government of Balochistan has sped up the construction work on these dams’ development projects and improved the allotment within The Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) of the current financial year to settle down the water scarcity problem in the region.

Rs 298 million has been assigned in the fiscal year 2021-22, for the construction of Awaran Dam and the development of Command Area from a total calculated cost of Rs1.492 billion to gather heavy rainwater as the area was reliant on groundwater,” said the sources.

Rs 400 million has been set aside for the development of the Kachhi Canal Command Area, which will allow the development of 29000 acres of desolate lands in Dera Bugti and adjacent areas. The provisions in PSDP for the current financial year would satisfy the requirements of developing water storing the essential amenities in the province.

Additionally, the Govt had spent Rs 860.868 million on the development of Phase II of the Corresponding Command Area Development of Mirani Dam and Sabakzai Dam and at the same time, Rs 572.682 million has been allocated for the Command Areas under the following dams in Phase III.

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