PM Imran Khan expresses happiness as RDA inflows cross the $1.5bn mark

On Sunday, PM khan shared this news through his Twitter handle and said that inflows from the Roshan Digital Account had crossed the $1.5 billion mark.

The prime minister wrote on Twitter “Good news from SBP. #RoshanDigitalAccount achieves more milestones, Inflows crossed $1.5 bn on Friday, with investment in Naya Pakistan Certificates surpassing $1 bn, Accounts & deposits have set new records since the $1 bn events 2 months ago.”

As per the sources, Pm Imran had started the RDA initiative in cooperation with the SBP in September 2020.

RDA is a lifestyle invention as it is something for everyone and can satisfy the needs of all people Besides, the tax system for these investments is being made very simple and user-friendly so that the Pakistanis living in foreign do not need to worry about applying for tax returns on the use of RDA.

A key feature of the RDA is that the investment can be fully deported, meaning that overseas Pakistanis can submit their funds back to where they live anytime they want.

Overseas Pakistanis’ trust in the national economy has been on the rise as in late April, the number of their deposits in foreign currency with local banks and their investments in several schemes through the Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA) exceeded a significant milestone of $1 billion. These inflows have played a significant role in enhancing and promoting Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves to an around a four-year high of over $16 billion.

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