Intel CEO Says Global Chip Shortage Could Increase More in 2021

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger expected scarcity of semiconductors which is damaging industries from automotive to user electronics will underside away in the last of this year before improving.

This would be a big problem for the computer and semiconductor industry as the world is presently reliant on the work-from-home scenario in which the latest systems have been flying away like hotcakes which in turn results in a great demand for processors and chips.

With the increasing demand for computers, firms have also turned up the price of these computers because there is an enormous shortage of semiconductors.

“I don’t expect the chip industry is back to a healthy supply-demand situation until ’23, For a variety of industries, I think it is still getting worse before it gets better.” Pat Gelsinger said in an interview.

Despite Intel is the world’s largest chip manufacturer in the world, not only is the company confronting a shortage but other AMD and Apple are now giving Intel a hard time with their processors. Though it is not just the processors and the chip that face the global shortage but somewhat many computer parts are slowly becoming seldom available in the market.

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