PM Imran Khan declare the establishment of a tourism zone

On tuesday Prime Minister Imran Khan said during his visit to Naran that they were going to build a tourism zone to promote tourist destinations in the country, as well as stressing the effective use of social media for the sector’s promotion.

During his visit to Naran on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan told the media that peace was the most important factor in promoting tourism in the country.

“No tourist will enter the country until they are guaranteed of sufficient security measures,” he said, adding that the sector has improved as a result of the fight against terrorism.

The prime minister stated that they are now focusing solely on summer tourism, but that there is a need to promote it all year, not just during the summer.

“Only if facilities are provided in all seasons can the tourism sector reach its full potential,” remarked Imran Khan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that the country has fifteen additional locations that might be made into a tourism destination similar to Nathia Gali. “We also need to build hotels in tourist areas to offset the increase in fares,” he stated.

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