Student Societies leads towards success, GIK Institute sets an Example

GIK Institute provides enabling environment to the students acquiring appropriate knowledge and skills for ultimate transformation and economic development of the country. The student’s societies play an important role in this regard on basis of professional attitude and expertise acquired while undertaking Students Societies activities in various fields.

Being one of the best university in the country, it provides abundant opportunities to as significantly large number of societies in the fields of Information Technology, Networking, Debating and character building, sports, Media, Aerial Robotics, Photonics, Physics, Mathematics and Electronics etc. International and regional competitions held by these societies not only boosts the confidence of the students but also enables them to embrace to plan and develop the strategies and necessary skills for subsequent dissemination of knowledge in their practical life. Their international exposure during the recent years has enabled them to win the competitions otherwise difficult for the students of developing countries.

To nurture the intellectual and recreational activities, students are encouraged to join student societies in GIK Institute which are managed by students with the support of faculty and administration.

There are more than 25 student societies in GIK Institute which support contemporary scientific and engineering perspectives as well, and are devoted to advance theory and practice of their respective fields. The societies of GIK enabling creation of tech leaders and making the country proud and:

  1. GIK Web Team
  2. Project Topi
  3. Netronix
  4. SPIE- (International Society for Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers)
  5. Science Society
  6. AIAA – (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)
  7. ACM – (Association For Computing Machinery)
  8. GSS – (Graduate Students Society)
  9. ASHRAE – (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers)
  10. ASME – (American Society Of Mechanical Engineers)
  11. IMechE- (Institution of Mechanical Engineers)
  12. CDES – (Cultural Dramatics & Entertainment Society)
  13. IET – (Institute of Engineering And Technology) GIK Chapter
  14. GSS – GIK Sports Society
  15. IEEE – GIK Chapter
  16. Literary And Debating Society
  17. Media Club
  18. Naqsh Arts Society
  19. SOPHEP- (Society for the Promotion of Higher Education in Pakistan)
  20. ASM/TMS – (The Mineral, Metal & Material Society/American Society of Materials)
  21. Women Engineers Society – GIK Chapter
  22. GIK Mathematics Society
  23. GIK student chapter of AIChE
  24. Character Building Society
  25. LES – (Leadership and Entrepreneurial Society)
  26. AIESEC –(International Association of Students in Economics and Business)
  27. SMEP –( Society of Mechanical Engineers of Pakistan)
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