A Pakhtun girl wins Princess UK’s Diana Award 2021

A Pakistan-origin & Pashtun girl Mashal Aamir wins a prestigious award from the UK, for her services to eliminate racial and socioeconomic obstacles, & promote inclusivity.

The award is reflective & credits the individuals who have shown a reliable and supported obligation to the headway of humanitarian causes. She has embraced social work since her youth that focused on natural and correspondence activism.

Mashal, who has Scottish and of Pashtun background, was given The Diana Award for her services towards humanity at a virtual ceremony in which Prince Harry was also present.

She is among about 300 inspirational children and young people who were awarded the highest accolade for social action or humanitarian efforts.

As per the sources, Mashal got her degree in law from UK’s Cambridge University and currently, she is a barrister by profession.

Mashal is famous for her welfare work not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries like South Korea and the US.

Mashal, who has effectively been remembered for Scotland’s 30 most persuasive youths, worked with the ‘Glasgow Development Office’ to gather pledges for scholarships for youngsters from low financial backgrounds entering education while likewise tutoring kids confronting extra hindrances, like learning challenges, who wish to learn at university.

According to the sources, In Pakistan, she played an effective role in the betterment of APS Peshawar students, after that deadly terrorist attack on December 16, 2014.

She has attempted a wide scope of work incorporating with the ‘International Criminal Court’, ‘Cambridge Human Rights Law Review’, ‘Legal Aid USA’ & ‘Citizens Advice Bureau’.

Mashal attempts to prepare and equip women living by the Pakistan-Afghanistan line with financial abilities to expand their freedom. She keeps on empower enabling underestimated voices through her writing and joint while preparing to be a barrister.

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