Materials and Chemical Engineering Department of Top University of Pakistan have Ongoing Funded Research Projects, worth 40 million PKR

Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering (FMCE) at GIK equips its students with latest technological facilities thereby enabling them grow at national/international organizations by imparting quality education of international standard. The exposure to today’s problems of material engineering accomplishes them with the skills to apply the same in real life after graduation.

It has ongoing funded projects worth more than Rs.40 Million, as per the reports that provide exposure to research in a resource rich country with the help of most advanced equipment and state-of-the-art materials synthesis and fabrication facilities.

Materials and Chemical Engineering facilities include Melting and Casting, Welding, Rolling, Tape casting, Magnetron Sputtering, CVD, Programmable Dip coating, Electrodeposition, Probe sonication, Hydrothermal and solgel synthesis, Glovebox, to name a few.

FMCE has the state of the art materials characterization facilities e.g., Scanning Electron Microscopy, Atomic force microscopy, X-Ray Diffraction, Thermogravimetric analysis, Thermomechanical analyzer, Nanoindenter, High current potentiostat from Gamry USA for advanced electrochemical characterization, Mechanical Testing facilities (UTMs, Charpy Impact toughness, Creep and hardness testers), etc.

At FMCE, in addition to water & energy, test facility is available for hydrocarbon analysis. and catalysis. Most advanced equipment used by FMCE are Gas Chromatograph, Atomic Absorption spectrometer, Bomb Calorimeter, high-temperature furnaces, Reverse Osmosis, and deep bed water filtration plant. Its singular position emerges from Industrial collaboration with large enterprises like Engro Fertilizer, Attock oil refinery, and Dynea Chemicals also provides additional impetus to dive into real life material engineering problems.

All such engineering marvels at GIK has led to declaration as top-most University of Pakistan under SDG-4, in the category of quality education as per 2021 global ranking issued by Times Higher Education.

Under the wellness program, the students get an opportunity to coordinate mentors under a unique online program started recently within collaboration with UNDP and Sehat Kahani. The students seek online support from mentors who render necessary assistance to freshmen and their seniors for adjustment a new campus life at GIK- away from their families. GIK is one of the pioneer of this student’s wellness program, much needed after onset of COVID-19 that exerted huge mental pressure on the students. With more responsibility assumed by its Students Affairs Department, our students can hardly find it difficult to acclimatize in new environment of the Institute. 

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