KP to Deduct Salaries of Absent Teachers


In a bid to discourage teachers in government schools from regularly skipping school, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has decided to deduct the salaries of the teachers who take unapproved leaves.

The Department of Education has sent a notification to all the district education officers in this regard, stating that unapproved absences will now result in deductions from their salaries.


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The notification also detailed that one day’s salary will be deducted for taking two days off without approval in a month, and increments will be withheld for one year if the absent count becomes three.

The department has announced that in case of four unapproved off days in a month, the teacher will lose two increments for three years.

Additionally, biometric attendance has been made mandatory to ensure transparency in the attendance system in schools, and those who fail to confirm their presence biometrically will be considered absent.


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The provincial government has also declared that the new academic year will start on 12 July instead of 15 August. KP’s Minister for Education, Shahram Tarakai, announced that all the government schools will start enrolling students from the primary classes through class 9 on Monday.

He also stated that despite the heatwave in Peshawar, its educational institutions will reopen for the primary through the middle classes on the given date.

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