PIA Allows Cargo on Passenger Seats

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has allowed passengers to carry cargo on the passenger seats of its aircraft during the pandemic.

According to the safety guidelines issued by the national carrier, its passengers have been granted permission to carry cargo in the passenger cabin, but the crew members must ensure that the cargo loaded on the seats does not exceed the height of the seat’s backrest and that the loading of the cargo in the cabinet should be in a manner that does not obstruct firefighting in an emergency.


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Furthermore, the cargo must be protected using approved tie-downs.

The guidelines also stated that the galleys and toilets must not be used for the cargo and that at least one row abreast (which is every fourth/fifth row or as appropriate) must be left empty to enable crossing over into aisles for firefighting.


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The notification warned that dangerous goods must be loaded in the cargo holds according to the regulations and approved company procedures, must not be permitted in the passenger cabin.

The airline has instructed two cabin crew members to make rounds of the cabin every twenty to thirty minutes to detect fire or smoke.

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