United Motors and Prince-DFSK Announce Small Reduction in Car Prices [Updated]

Following the enactment of the new auto policy and the benefits that it includes, several automakers have decided to reduce the prices of their vehicles. The latest automakers to take that said step are United Motors and Prince-DFSK.

As per an official notification issued by the Automakers, the two cars of United Motors, namely, the Alpha and the Bravo, and the one car of Prince-DFSK, namely Pearl,  shall now be sold at the following prices:

VehiclesOld Price (PKR)Price Cut (PKR)Revised Price (PKR)
United Bravo1,099,00069,0001,030,000
United Alpha1,445,00095,0001,350,000
Prince Pearl1,199,00088,0001,111,000


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United Motors garnered a lot of praise from the public and the analysts the last time when they reduced the prices of their vehicles following an appreciation in the value of the local currency.

Shortly before the resumption of economic activity activities, though, United Motors announced a massive price hike of Rs. 240,000 for Bravo, after which the price of the vehicle went from Rs. 985,000 to Rs. 1,199,000. The company said that the increase in price was due to a massive depreciation of the local currency. Around the same time, Prince-DFSK had also announced a price increase for the Pearl.

However, even after the price cut, the company couldn’t quite capture the market to the same degree as its competitors in the segment of small cars. The same could also be said for Prince Pearl, despite its low price.

Here’s hoping that both, United Motors and Prince-DFSK will grab their desired market shares with the current price reduction.

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