Coursera is Officially Coming to Pakistan

The global online learning platform, Coursera, is officially being brought to Pakistan along with access to online courses and degrees from world-class universities and companies, according to the platform’s official Facebook page.

Coursera will be rolled out across Pakistan under the Digital Learning and Skills Enrichment Initiative Pakistan (DLSEI – II), which is a project of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Under the HEC’s initiative, Coursera aims to bring a whole world of knowledge to Pakistan’s students and teachers.


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Prior to its launch in Pakistan, Coursera had rolled out free versions of its programs with upgraded features to several global universities, including a few Pakistani institutes.

With this development under the HEC, the e-learning platform will provide first-hand digital engagement tools and guided projects hands-on learning to all the schools and universities in the country, as well as detailed online curricula and an effective learning curve.

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