Facebook Employees Demand Zuckerberg to Investigate Bias Against Pro-Palestine Content


Almost 200 Facebook employees have sent an anonymous letter to their company’s leadership, demanding an internal review of the application’s algorithm, which reportedly removed/suppressed pro-Palestine content during the recent armed skirmishes between Israel and Hamas.

The letter reportedly called for new measures and updates to the Facebook ecosystem to make sure that the Palestinian content was not being unfairly suppressed.


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According to the Financial Times, the letter said,

As highlighted by employees, the press, and members of Congress, and as reflected in our declining app store rating, our users and community at large feel that we are falling short on [of] our promise to protect open expression around the situation in Palestine

“We understand that Facebook can and should do more to understand our users and work on rebuilding their trust,” it added.

Furthermore, the letter asks Zuckerberg and Co. to conduct a third-party review of the application’s cryptic handling of Arab and Muslim content. In particular, the employees requested the company to review a post that was published by the Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, who labeled Palestinians as terrorists.


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While Facebook has acknowledged that there were several issues that impacted people’s ability to share information on the application. The company has yet to make changes to its policies as to where these voices are deliberately suppressed and why.

For now, this remains an unresolved issue.

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