Govt Finalizes Convidecia COVID-19 Vaccine’s Price

The federal cabinet on Tuesday finalized the retail price of CanSinoBIO’s single-dose COVID-19 vaccine, Convidecia, imported by the private sector.

According to details, the price of a three-dose pack of Convidecia has been fixed at Rs. 12,168.


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AJ Pharma is the local partner of CanSinoBIO and it has already imported around 300,000 doses of Convidecia, which will only be available at 5 hospitals that ran its clinical trials earlier this year.

In April this year, the federal cabinet had fixed the price of the two-dose Russian COVID-19 vaccine, Sputnik V, imported by AGP Limited, at Rs. 8,449.

The price of a four-dose pack of Sputnik V was set at Rs. 16,560, 10-dose at Rs. 40,555, and 20-dose at Rs. 81,110.


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This year in February, the federal government decided to allow medical companies to import and set the price of the Coronavirus vaccines without any interference from the government.

However, after strong backlash, the federal government repealed its decision next month that had allowed the private sector to set the prices of Coronavirus vaccines after importing them.

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