Govt Shortlists Two Officials to Replace Acting President NBP


The federal government has shortlisted two officials for the post of the Acting President of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) after the removal of Arif Usmani from it.


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The Ministry of Finance had forwarded the names Faisal Topra, Jamal Baqir, Fawad, Sultana Naheed, Kareem Ikram Khan, and Rehmat Ullah Hasni to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the befitting and proper criteria. Subsequently, the SBP has nominated Sultana Naheed and Rehmat Ali Hasni for the position.

Sultana Naheed has been working in a bank since 1984 and was promoted to the post of Senior Executive Vice President (SEVP) in 2012. She remained the Head of both the Risk and Credit Management Group, the Commercial and Retail Banking Group, and Retail Banking. She is currently looking after the matters of the government’s low-cost housing scheme at the bank.

Rehmat Ali Hasni had joined the NBP as the SEVP in 2010. However, sources claim that the SBP had questioned Hasni’s promotion to senior positions in its audit report published in 2014.

The President’s Office had also questioned his promotion in October 2012 as he had reportedly been promoted to the position of the SEVP without being interviewed for it. The bank’s management had appointed Hasni as the Chief of the Inclusive Development Group in 2019, and it is now going into losses of Rs. 1.6 billion.


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Sources said that the government would traditionally appoint the Senior Regular Banker as the Acting President.

They added that the federal Cabinet will give the approval for the appointment of the Acting President from the two shortlisted two officials on Friday.

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