Health Ministry Issues Clarification on Viral WHO Notification on COVID-19


The Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) has dispelled fake news about the WHO’s rumored U-turn from its longstanding viewpoint on the coronavirus.

The fake story had disseminated like wildfire among a special subset of Pakistani WhatsApp users but sense finally prevailed after the Ministry of NHS issued an official clarification on the matter.


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The fake news on WhatsApp read:

WHO admitted its mistake completely taking a U-turn, saying that corona is a seasonal virus. It is a cold sore throat during the season change. There is no need to panic. The WHO now says that the corona patient neither needs to be isolated nor does the public need social distancing. It is not transmitted from one patient to another person either. See WHO press conference????

The Ministry of NHS clarified the matter in a tweet, explaining that the WHO never made such a statement.

Have you received any fake COVID-19 updates on your WhatsApp account? Let us know in the comments section below.

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