Instagram and Facebook Are Actively Suppressing #SavePalestine Posts


Palestine is under attack from Israel once again. There have been over 180 casualties including 55 children as a result of the heavy bombardment on the Gaza strip.

The situation was stirred up when the Al Aqsa mosque was stormed and attacked by Israeli troops during the holy month of Ramadan. Hundreds of unarmed civilians including worshippers, bystanders, journalists, and others were injured.

Consequently, Palestenians set out on the streets to protest against the violence, only to be heavily bombarded on the coastal strip.


Israel Continues to Oppress Palestine as Tensions Rise Following Attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Thousands of people have taken it to the internet to speak against the brutality on Palestine, but it appears that Facebook and Instagram are blocking all such content on their platforms. These social media giants are removing #SavePalestine posts and stopping users from promoting them, putting their Israeli leadership into question.

Another Instagram user has reported that their posts containing the #SavePalestine hashtag are not receiving even half as much as usual views. Instagram is not letting them promote stories containing this hashtag either.

As a result, many have started blaming the Israeli leadership of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, who is an American-Israeli businessman and also the head of Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg, the Jewish American owner of Facebook has also come under fire for content censorship.

A former employee at Facebook and Instagram who worked as a policy regulator and enforcer also shared his thoughts on the matter, speaking against both platforms. Check out the reply on the tweet down below.

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