Pakistani TikToker Accidentally Kills Himself While Filming Video


A young TikToker accidentally shot himself while making a video in Kabal, Swat district, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to police officials, 19-year-old Hamidullah, a resident of Maaband Shah Dherai, had been filming a ‘suicide scene’ to share with his followers on TikTok for which he had loaded a TT pistol. However, during the shoot, he pointed the gun to his head accidentally pulled the trigger, and shot himself. He died on the spot.


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Hamidullah’s friends who had been helping him shoot the video immediately took him to the hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival.

The body has been sent for an autopsy, and investigations are underway.


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A policeman remarked, “This boy was pretending to commit suicide with a loaded pistol. He put the gun on his skull and then it suddenly misfired. The unfortunate youngster died on the spot as he was directly hit in the head. There was no chance of survival”.

“This happened on Wednesday in Kalaygay village of Kabal, Swat,” he added.

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