PEMRA Warns TV Channel for Airing a Fight Live


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has issued a show-cause notice to Neo TV for broadcasting immoral and inappropriate language during a live show.

In a tweet on Tuesday, PEMRA said that the notice was sent for airing an argument, exchange of immoral and inappropriate words among the guests during a morning show aired on May 17, and irresponsible and unprofessional behavior of the host of the show, who opted not to intervene.

The TV channel has been asked to submit its reply within 14 days.


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Recently, a video of the heated debate and exchange of slurs between the comedian and YouTuber, Basit Ali, and the rest of the guests in Neo TV’s morning show ‘Naya Pakistan’ went viral on social media.

It all started when Basit refused to participate in an on-stage dance during the show, saying he does not like to indulge in ‘behayaee.’

This is not music. You are spreading obscenity in public. I did not know what the angle of your show is. Boys and girls are dancing like this. Our culture does not allow this.

The host of the morning show replied, “This is my show. You (Basit Ali) have come here. You know the format of the morning show. You know that women are also coming. There will be singing. Games will be played. How can you call it obscenity?”


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The words of his choosing stirred a debate amongst the guests who were offended by his remarks and demanded an apology.

However, Basit did not budge from his stance and instead turned his criticism to Aurat March.

Although the guests reconciled and shook hands later, Basit and the other lady continued to make cheeky comments against each other.

Take a look at it:

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