Proton Informs Customers of More Delays

The latest wave of the pandemic has been wreaking havoc in Malaysia for several weeks now, forcing the government to enact a countrywide lockdown allowing only essential businesses to stay operational. Several automakers across the country have had to shut their operations down, with Proton becoming the most recent one to put its production on hold.

Proton Pakistan released an official statement yesterday stating that the automaker has had to pause its production line due to the unmitigated spread of the coronavirus in the region in compliance with the directives of the Malaysian government.

It added that due to the business activities paused in the region supply, logistics, procurement, and other essential affairs have been adversely affected. As the local COVID-19 cases are still on the rise, the Malaysian government has extended the lockdown to 28 June.


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Based on this state of affairs, Proton Pakistan has announced that the deliveries of the vehicles will be delayed. The automaker has not issued an official statement about whether the bookings for a future lot of vehicles are still open or closed.

The new automakers in Pakistan have become victims of the ‘delayed delivery’ syndrome due to COVID-19 induced hiccups in trade and commerce activities. This is a particularly troubling situation for the new entrants as several are competing for a mammoth share in a market that is rife with cut-throat competition and tough customers.

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