Punjab Govt. Orders Traffic Police to Collect Fines of Rs. 3.89 Billion


A recent media report has revealed that the Punjab Traffic Police has been directed by the provincial government to collect fines worth Rs. 3.89 billion in the 2021-22 financial year following the release of the provincial budget.

This target was reportedly given to the department to offset the fiscal deficit. The current year’s target is reportedly more than that of last year which was Rs. 300 million.

In the 2020-21 financial year, the Punjab police reportedly issued fines worth Rs. 2.74 billion that exceeded the target by a significant degree. The report also details that the provincial government will allocate a portion of the Rs. 3.89 billion worth of fines to the traffic police to bolster the performance of the department.


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The provincial traffic police recently announced the enforcement of strict measures to curb vehicular indiscipline on the roads of the province. Last week, the government had approved the department’s decision to significantly increase the rates of the fines for various traffic violations.


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Furthermore, the Lahore City Traffic Police had issued a decision last week entailing the revoking of the driving licenses of traffic law violators. The decision was taken to discourage reckless driving within the district in consideration of the rising number of road accidents.

With the given target for the fines, the police are expected to become even more stern in terms of the enforcement of traffic laws.

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