These Are the Expected Reduced Prices of All Cars in Pakistan


The all-new auto policy has been a bearer of gifts and good news for automakers, both new and old.

With the intent to promote the sales and purchases of smaller and more environmentally friendly vehicles, the government has announced a number of duties and tax rate reliefs, so as for all automakers to begin manufacturing and selling cars with engine displacement up to 1000cc, hybrid vehicles, and electric vehicles (EVs) in Pakistan.

However, the incentives are not just limited to EVs and 1000cc vehicles. The government has also reduced Federal Excise Duty (FED) by 2.5 percent for vehicles with an engine displacement over 1000cc. The FED rates, in particular, have been impacted as follows:

  • For 660cc to 1000cc vehicles, the FED has gone down from 2.5 percent to 0 percent. The said segment also gets a concession of 4.5 percent on the General Sales Tax, which implies that the on-ground price discount for the said segment should be slightly less than 7 percent.
  • For 1001cc to 2000cc vehicles, the FED has gone down from 5.0 percent to 2.5 percent.
  • For vehicles over 2000cc, the FED has gone down from 7.5 percent to 5 percent.

The said concessions are likely to have a direct impact on the vehicle prices across the board in Pakistan. For vehicles with engine displacement over 1000cc, the 2.5 percent reduction in the FED rates is likely to result in a price discount of up to 2.33%-2.38%.

With that said, here are the expected reduced prices of all locally assembled passenger vehicles:

Pak-Suzuki Motor Company:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Alto VX660Rs. 1,198,000Rs. 74,172Rs. 1,123,828
Alto VXR660Rs. 1,433,000Rs. 88,722Rs. 1,344,278
Alto AGS660Rs. 1,633,000Rs. 101,105Rs. 1,531,895
Wagon R VXR1000Rs. 1,640,000Rs. 101,538Rs. 1,538,462
Wagon R VXL1000Rs. 1,730,000Rs. 107,110Rs. 1,622,890
Wagon R AGS1000Rs. 1,890,000Rs. 117,016Rs. 1,772,984
Cultus VXR1000Rs. 1,780,000Rs. 110,206Rs. 1,669,794
Cultus VXL1000Rs. 1,970,000Rs. 46,904Rs. 1,923,096
Cultus AGS1000Rs. 2,130,000Rs. 131,876Rs. 1,998,124
Bolan Passenger Van800Rs. 1,134,000Rs. 70,210Rs. 1,063,790
Swift DLX M/T1300Rs. 2,030,000Rs. 48,333Rs. 1,981,667
Swift A/T+Nav1300Rs. 2,210,000Rs. 52,619Rs. 2,157,381
Toyota Indus Motors:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PriceExpected PricePrice Difference
Corolla Altis X 1.6 M/T1600Rs. 3,219,000Rs. 3,142,358Rs. 76,642
Corolla Altis X 1.6 CVT1800Rs. 3,369,000Rs. 3,288,786Rs. 80,214
Corolla Altis X 1.8 M/T1800Rs. 3,549,000Rs. 3,464,501Rs. 84,499
Corolla Altis X 1.8 A/T1800Rs. 3,699,000Rs. 3,610,929Rs. 88,071
Corolla Altis Grande X 1.8 CVT-i Beige Interior1800Rs. 3,979,000Rs. 3,884,263Rs. 94,737
Corolla Altis Grande X 1.8 CVT-i Black Interior1800Rs. 3,999,000Rs. 3,903,786Rs. 95,214
Yaris GLI 1.3 M/T1300Rs. 2,509,000Rs. 2,449,262Rs. 59,738
Yaris ATIV 1.3 M/T1300Rs. 2,619,000Rs. 2,556,643Rs. 62,357
Yaris GLI 1.3 CVT1300Rs. 2,689,000Rs. 2,624,977Rs. 64,023
Yaris ATIV 1.3 CVT1300Rs. 2,769,000Rs. 2,703,072Rs. 65,928
Yaris ATIV X 1.5 M/T1500Rs. 2,829,000Rs. 2,761,643Rs. 67,357
Yaris ATIV X 1.5 CVT1500Rs. 2,999,000Rs. 2,927,596Rs. 71,404
Fortuner 2.7 G2700Rs. 7,999,000Rs. 7,812,001Rs. 186,999
Fortuner 2.7 VVT-i2700Rs. 9,299,000Rs. 9,081,610Rs. 217,390
Fortuner TRD Sportivo2800Rs. 9,399,000Rs. 9,179,273Rs. 219,727
Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 42800Rs. 9,649,000Rs. 9,423,428Rs. 225,572
Hilux E2800Rs. 5,959,000Rs. 5,819,692Rs. 139,308
Hilux Revo G M/T2800Rs. 6,549,000Rs. 6,395,899Rs. 153,101
Hilux Revo G A/T2800Rs. 6,899,000Rs. 6,737,717Rs. 161,283
Hilux Revo V A/T2800Rs. 7,499,000Rs. 7,323,690Rs. 175,310
Honda Atlas Cars:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVT1800Rs. 3,729,000Rs. 88,785Rs. 3,640,215
Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT1800Rs. 3,979,000Rs. 94,737Rs. 3,884,263
Civic Oriel 1.5 Turbo VTEC1500Rs. 4,449,000Rs. 105,928Rs. 4,343,072
Civic Oriel 1.5 RS Turbo1500Rs. 4,699,000Rs. 111,880Rs. 4,587,120
Honda BR-V i-VTEC M/T1500Rs. 3,159,000Rs. 75,214Rs. 3,083,786
Honda BR-V i-VTEC A/T1500Rs. 3,319,000Rs. 79,023Rs. 3,239,977
Honda BR-V i-VTEC S A/T1500Rs. 3,479,000Rs. 82,833Rs. 3,396,167
KIA Lucky Motors:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Picanto M/T1000Rs. 1,899,000Rs. 117,574Rs. 1,781,426
Picanto A/T1000Rs. 2,049,000Rs. 126,861Rs. 1,922,139
Sportage Alpha2000Rs. 4,449,000Rs. 104,737Rs. 4,294,263
Sportage FWD2000Rs. 4,399,000Rs. 116,642Rs. 4,782,358
Sportage AWD2000Rs. 5,399,000Rs. 128,547Rs. 5,270,453
Sorento FWD2400Rs. 6,999,000Rs. 163,621Rs. 6,835,379
Sorento AWD2400Rs. 7,999,000Rs. 186,999Rs. 7,812,001
Sorento V6 FWD
3500Rs. 8,399,000Rs. 196,350Rs. 8,202,650
Hyundai Nishat:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Elantra GLS2000Rs. 4,049,000Rs. 96,404Rs. 3,952,596
Tucson GLS Sport2000Rs. 5,099,000Rs. 121,404Rs. 4,977,596
Tucson Ultimate2000Rs. 5,599,000Rs. 133,309Rs. 5,465,691
Master Changan Motors:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Karvaan Base Variant1000Rs. 1,490,000Rs. 92,251Rs. 1,397,749
Karvaan Plus1000Rs. 1,640,000Rs. 101,538Rs. 1,538,462
Alsvin 1.37 Comfort M/T1400Rs. 2,199,000Rs. 52,357Rs. 2,146,643
Alsvin 1.37 Comfort DCT1400Rs. 2,449,000Rs. 58,309Rs. 2,390,691
Alsvin 1.5 Lumiere DCT1500Rs. 2,650,000Rs. 63,095Rs. 2,586,905
Al-Haj Proton:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Saga 1.3 Standard M/T1300Rs. 1,975,000Rs. 47,023Rs. 1,927,977
Saga 1.3 Standard A/T1300Rs. 2,125,000Rs. 50,595Rs. 2,074,405
Saga 1.3 R3 M/T1300Rs. 2,175,000Rs. 51,785Rs. 2,123,215
Saga 1.3 Ace A/T1300Rs. 2,225,000Rs. 51,785Rs. 2,172,024
Saga 1.3 R3 A/T1300Rs. 2,425,000Rs. 57,738Rs. 2,367,262
X70 Executive AWD1500Rs. 4,690,000Rs. 111,666Rs. 4,578,334
X70 Premium FWD1500Rs. 4,990,000Rs. 118,809Rs. 4,871,191
Morris Garages Pakistan:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
MG HS 1.5T1500Rs. 5,749,000Rs. 136,880Rs. 5,612,120
MG ZS 1.51500Rs. 4,099,000Rs. 97,595Rs. 4,001,405
United Motors:
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Bravo1000Rs. 1,099,000Rs. 68,043Rs. 1,030,957
Alpha800Rs. 1,445,000Rs. 89,465Rs. 1,355,535
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Pearl M/T800Rs. 1,149,000Rs. 71,139Rs. 1,077,861
Glory 580 1.5 M/T1500Rs. 4,049,000Rs. 96,404Rs. 3,952,596
Glory 580 1.5 CVT1500Rs. 4,299,000Rs. 102,356Rs. 4,196,644
Glory 580 1.8 CVT1800Rs. 4,449,000Rs. 105,928Rs. 4,343,072
Glory 580 Pro 1.5T CVT1500Rs. 4,699,000Rs. 111,880Rs. 4,587,120
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
Jolion Top1500Rs. 5,725,000Rs. 136,309Rs. 5,588,691
H61500Rs. 6,495,000Rs. 154,642Rs. 6,340,358
VehiclesEngine Displacement (Cubic Capacity)Current PricePrice ReductionExpected Price
D-Max Hi-Lander Double Cab Standard2500Rs. 5,700,000Rs. 133,253Rs. 5,566,747
D-Max V-Cross M/T 3000Rs. 6,600,000Rs. 154,293Rs. 6,445,707
D-Max V-Cross A/T3000Rs. 6,960,000Rs. 162,709Rs. 6,797,291


Bear in mind that these are only the expected prices and none of the automakers have announced any price reduction just yet. However, with the reduction of FED and GST on the imports of CKD kits of all vehicles (just the FED on vehicles with engines bigger than 1000cc), along with a reduction in ACD and reduced taxes on parts manufacturers, the production costs of these vehicles should be reduced significantly and should have a trickle-down effect on the price reduction as well.

With the said concessions in place for small vehicles, it is being speculated that there is set to be a huge influx of new small and hybrid vehicles in the market, which certainly bodes well for the Pakistani auto industry.

More competition in the market will likely give rise to the culture whereby the automakers will try to outdo each other by offering desirable and better-quality products to grab the lion’s share in the market.

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