Twitter Blue Allows Users to Edit Published Tweets and More


Twitter Inc. has unveiled its much-anticipated subscription service which offers paying customers access to exclusive features for rescinding tweets and “organizing posts as part of a push to ease the social network’s dependence on advertising revenue”.

Dubbed Twitter Blue, the new subscription will retail for $2.99 a month, and aims to “help Twitter diversify its business at a time when the pandemic has underscored the risks of a heavy reliance on digital advertising”, reports Bloomberg.


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The new subscription’s Product Lead, Sara Beykpour, said in a statement that the new offering is “aimed at customers who are our most engaged, our most passionate super users who really want to take their experience to the next level”.

Twitter Blue’s product suite is being pitched to the site’s most avid 200 million daily users, a target pool which includes journalists, social media managers and people or entities who use their pages as a primary news source.

Twitter is also creating a dedicated customer service queue to quickly resolve complaints, and to offer paying users an “undo-send” option, which will essentially allow them some time to recall/edit the tweet after its published, as shown above.


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In the meantime, Twitter is also planning on expanding this service for including more features and perks. The company is also building other subscriptions and payment products which will enable popular users to make money through their accounts.

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