WorldCall Partners With World Mobile Group to Launch A Blockchain Secured Service Solution


WorldCall is working with World Mobile Group to introduce an integrated digital economy landscape to offer their customers a state-of-the-art Digital ID and secured e-Wallet.

Subscribers would join the digital economy ecosystem and using this unique Digital ID, all forms of on-demand services targeting education, health, and other service sectors can be launched.


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In this connection, WorldCall Telecom Limited (WTL) has entered into close commercial cooperation with the World Mobile Group (WMG) for the deployment of a blockchain secured service management solution.

This arrangement would ensure the provision of affordable broadband connectivity across Pakistan in addition to its existing roll-out projects.

The new project would prove instrumental in transforming WTL into a significant technology-driven business entity. The operator is currently undertaking an aggressive roll-out with Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and “Broadband for All” projects.

World Mobile Group is leading one of the most innovative and exciting adaptations for blockchain deployments in legacy telecom infrastructure and plans to promote “Connect the Unconnected” right across the globe.

With more people Unconnected than Connected (4 billion vs. 3 billion) across the world, WMG has a mission to enable telecoms to deliver services where traditional business models have failed to deliver.


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WMG solution opens network monetization in an unprecedented manner, with all subscribers targeting the digital economy across the globe, with telecom operators remaining an integral part of the value chain. WTL would derive immense benefit from this exclusive relationship within Pakistan.

With its fiber-optic infrastructure and network connectivity already in place, subscriber signup and connectivity would be significantly higher in its current FTTH and Broadband for All projects.

Through the use of this technology, WTL would target a revenue upside from its broadband connectivity and augment its revenue streams with minimal costs.

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