Ferrari Appoints a Former iPhone Innovator as the New CEO

With vehicle electrification gradually gaining full effect all around the world, automakers are racing to adapt to the global paradigm shift. While the commuter car segment seems to have no qualms in making the transition, the exotic sportscar segment is still figuring out the means to keep the vehicles environment-friendly yet just as exciting as they would be with a growling V8 or a screaming V12 engine.

In a recent development, it has been reported by Bloomberg that Ferrari has appointed a former iPhone innovator and tech-guru as the new CEO of the company to help it transition to electric power. The said person is Benedetto Vigna, who is a former STMicro employee with an amazing track record of innovations in the smartphone and tech industry.

Benedetto Vigna


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Ferrari told the media that Vigna has worked for some of the best technology companies in the world. However, with no prior experience in the auto industry, the appointment of the Italian tech expert has come as somewhat of a surprise to the automotive industry and analysts at large.

With that said, Vigna’s track record of innovations in the smartphone and tech industry has pushed the Italian exotic sportscar marker to take a bold, yet calculated decision, since numerous automakers are making brave claims to become fully electric within the current decade, and Ferrari perhaps doesn’t want to feel left out.

It bears mentioning that, to Italy, Ferrari as a brand is a national treasure, and to the car enthusiasts, it is the crown jewel of the exotic sportscar segment. There have been two most important people in Ferrari’s history, Enzo Ferrari (the founder) himself, and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo who took over Ferrari from Enzo himself.


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Enzo was significant because his engineering and driving prowess put Ferrari on the map, and Montezemolo is solely responsible for the development of the modern, stylish, supremely fast status symbol Ferraris as we know them today. Vigna seems to be the next most influential figure in Ferrari’s lineage. Whether it would be for the better or worse, time will tell.

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