Global PC Shipments Rose 13% During Q2 2021

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Global PC shipments continued to witness growth throughout 2021, soaring 13 percent YoY to hit 82.3 million units during the second quarter of the year.

According to global analytics firm Canalys, demand remains hot across the board amid pandemic-driven work-from-home trends that consumers all over the world have grown accustomed to, hence mounting concerns of supply issues and backlogs that may occur as the year passes.

Overall, notebook and mobile workstation shipments have grown 15 percent YoY, peaking past 66.7 million units. Added to this, desktop and related workstation equipments are up 6 percent at 15.6 million units.


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Categorically, the top five PC manufacturers managed to maintain growth during Q2 2021, as recovering businesses resumed technical procurement of computers on a subsequent basis.

Taking the No.1 spot by a mile, Lenovo recorded shipments in excess of 20 million units for a third consecutive quarter, boasting an annual growth of 14.7 percent.

The US-based Hewlett-Peckard (HP) comfortably takes the second spot despite a 2.8 percent production shortfall in Japan and EMEA countries. HP’s nemesis, Dell, comes in third after posting gains of 16.5 percent. Dell is highly popular in big corporations, mostly startups, and it’s production spurt isn’t as surprising as HP’s shortfall.

Other brands such as Apple and Acer also posted gains during the same period, and there’s a high chance we’ll see a similar trendline in October.

Canalys Stats | PP


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The PC market is showing strong signals of ending 2021 on a high note as Apple’s M1 computers emerge as huge indicators for moving the market upwards as the year progresses.

Stats | PP

Perhaps some big updates to Apple’s macOS, Microsoft’s Windows 11 and Google’s Chrome OS in the following months could compel consumers to buy more.

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