Google is Adding COVID Vaccine Cards to Android

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Google is updating Android’s built-in passes system to allow it to store digital COVID vaccine cards. These digital cards will show you details on where and when you got vaccinated, which vaccine you received, etc.


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This feature will roll out in the US first and will make its way to the rest of the world later. It will rely on support from local healthcare authorities, local government, and other organizations responsible for distributing COVID vaccines.

It will also store your COVID-19 test results.

Google will give you the option to save the card on your device and recommends that you keep a shortcut on your home screen. These cards will not be saved on the cloud and Google will not use your information for advertisement purposes. However, it will be used to collect some information such as how often you open your card and on which days.

You will not need the Google Pay app to save your cards and access them.

This should allow you to easily save your vaccination information 0n your devices. But if you can use this information or not will depend on the local healthcare providers and the government. Some regions have their own COVID vaccine cards but Google could easily streamline the process by adding it to Android.

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