Govt Announces Its Final Decision On Eid Holidays


The federal cabinet approved three holidays for Eid ul Adha today, starting from Tuesday, 20 July to Thursday, 22 July.

The Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Fawad Hussain Chaudhry, announced the holidays during a media briefing that followed the meeting of the cabinet.


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This means that the third day of Eid will be a working day across Pakistan.

Minister Chaudhry said that several important decisions had been taken during the meeting and that the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) had recommended five holidays, but the cabinet approved only three.


Is Viral Notification for Eid ul Adha Holidays Fake?

The Ministry of Interior had sent a summary to the Prime Minister on Monday, suggesting three holidays for Eid ul Adha.

Earlier, a viral notification had suggested that the Eid holidays would be from 21 to 23 July, but the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad, Hamza Shafqaat, had declared the notification as fake.

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