Govt Issues COVID-19 and Congo Virus Guidelines for Cattle Markets

Punjab’s Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (PSHD) has issued SOPs for cattle markets to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and Congo virus before Eid-ul-Adha.

According to the official notification, cattle markets in the province will be established at designated points located at least 2-5 km away from the city premises.


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Citizens will be required to ensure the wearing of face masks during their visit to cattle markets. Anyone without a face mask will not be permitted in the cattle markets.

They have also been advised against bringing children, the elderly, and those having respiratory diseases to the cattle markets.

Moreover, separate entry and exits points equipped with hand-hygiene facilities will be arranged in the cattle markets. PSHD staff will also be deployed at these points to screen the visitors.

Traders, vets, and food vendors will be allowed to enter the cattle market only after providing their Coronavirus vaccination certificates to the PSHD staff at the entry points.

As for Congo virus, vets of the livestock department will be responsible for monitoring the health of cattle. It is a widespread disease among animals caused by a tick-borne virus and has a fatality rate of up to 40%. It is transmitted to humans either directly by tick bites or through contact with infected animal blood or tissues during or immediately after slaughter.


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Visitors, traders, vets, and food vendors have been advised to wear light-colored dresses for easy detection of ticks on clothes.

All suspected cases of Coronavirus and Congo virus must be reported to the medical camps that will be set up in all cattle markets across the province. The PSHD staff at the medical camps will be required to notify the respective district health authorities about the suspected case for further action.

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