Govt Likely to Announce 9 Holidays for Eid ul Adha [Updated]


Update: Sources have informed ProPakistani that the interior ministry has proposed only three holidays for Eid-ul-Adha in a summary sent to the Prime Minister’s office. The proposed holidays start from July 20 and end on July 22 with compulsory attendance on Friday. Click here for the complete article.

The original article follows:

The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee announced on Saturday that the first Zil Hajjah will be on Monday, 12 July, and noted that the tenth Zil Hajjah or Eid ul Adha will fall on 21 July in Pakistan.

According to media reports, Government employees are likely to get nine holidays just like for the previous Eid. The official holidays should start from 20 July (Hajj day) which will be on Tuesday. With Monday being the only working day in the entire week, it is most likely to be included in the holidays. However, because public offices do not operate on weekends, the count shall start on Saturday, 17 July.


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With Eid ul Adha due on Wednesday, 21 July, the next three days will be mandatory holidays, along with another weekend on 24 and 25 July which will allow government employees to avail nine days of holidays from 17 to 25 July.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases are on the rise once again, and the government fears for the fourth wave in the coming days.


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On Sunday, 11 July, Pakistan reported 27 coronavirus-related deaths and 1980 positive cases, with the positivity rate above four percent. The federal government is planning to appoint the Pakistan Army to control the situation and enforce the coronavirus SOPs during the Eid holidays.

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