Italy to Begin Testing Electric Car Charging Highway


In promising news, Italy is set to begin trials of a first-of-its-kind EV charging highway. An Israel-based company ElectReon Wireless is reportedly constructing a 1 kilometer long electric vehicle-charging highway, spanning from Milan to Brescia in Italy.

A news report from Interesting Engineering highlights that this wouldn’t be the world’s first EV charging highway, but the technology being used for EV charging in the said project shall indeed be all-new.


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Personnel working on the project claim that the EVs shall be charged by means of copper coils on either side of the road. The coils would transfer energy straight to the batteries with magnetic induction without the EV having to make a stop for charging.

The report adds that the copper coils are being installed under the pavement, and will have a charging rate capacity of up to 70 kilowatts. Although the setup will not be enough to increase the battery life of the vehicles as they drive along, the technology will enable the vehicles to sustain a consistent range throughout the journey.

The report also states that such projects already exist in some parts of the world. However, the adoption of said technology is a time and resource-intensive affair, which is why there would be some time before the technology becomes a norm around the world.

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