Karachi Police Launches Free Vehicle Repair Service for Citizens


The Karachi Police has officially launched a free vehicle repairing service for the citizens of the port city to help maintain the smooth flow of traffic during the monsoon.

Citizens in need may dial 15 (Karachi Police’ Madadgar helpline) and get their vehicles repaired in the event of an emergency.


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Deputy Director General (DIG) Security, Maqsood Ahmed, discussed the initiative with reporters and explained that the new service has been launched under the Karachi Police’s Special Security Unit which is associated with Madadgar 15.


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“Citizens can call for getting assistance 24/7 from Madadgar 15 staff by calling to their helpline 15. The Urban Flooding Rescue Unit team is also associated with Madadgar 15’s service,” he said.

He added that two special vehicles have been designated in the initial phase to facilitate the citizens for now. Each vehicle has standard facilities such as fixing punctures, air re-filling, car towing, etc.

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