KP Introduces a Cheap & Improved Variety of Sugarcane


The Department of Agriculture Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Charsadda, has recently introduced a new variety of low-cost sugarcane seeds, which increases sugarcane production.

Director Department of Agriculture, Charsadda, Ali Khan, said that 80 quintals of new seeds could produce a maximum of 4000 kgs sugarcane crop at one acre of land.

He said that the department has also provided a state-of-the-art technology machine, “Chip Bud,” that enables them to extract seeds from sugarcane and use it for re-cultivation, reducing their cultivation cost to almost zero.


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Ali Khan said that the department had distributed 8,637 bags of new wheat seeds among the farmers this year in a bid to increase production. This is besides the subsidy of Rs. 1,200 per bag.

He noted that the new variety of seeds produced impressive results in the experimental period and hoped that the new seeds would increase the farmer’s income manifold.

The director mentioned that the department has cultivated other crops like sunflower, canola, and sesame to achieve self-sufficiency in the edible oil sector and reduce its dependence on imports.


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“For the purpose, the government was giving a subsidy of Rs. 5,000 per acre to farmers for cultivation of these crops,” he added.

Khan said that the agriculture depart of KP is also paying special attention to increase the production of rice in the district, and new varieties of rice seeds were being distributed among the farmers, and they were being given a subsidy of Rs. 1200 per acre.

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