NUMS to Introduce Healing Bandage in Pakistan


The research conducted by the National University of Medical Sciences (NUMS) will help the pharmaceutical industry to make the ‘healing bandage’ in Pakistan.

According to a young scientist at the university, the healing bandage will quicken the healing of the different kinds of wounds.

The NUMS Vice-Chancellor, Lt. Gen. Syed Muhammad Imran Majeed (Retd), said, “[The] NUMS Department of Biological Sciences has already been awarded many Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Science Foundation(PSF) research projects which will help it move forward towards realizing the university’s vision of understanding and improving life”.

The HEC has awarded the research project to develop the innovative healing bandage to Dr. Hussain Mustatab Wahedi, a Ph.D. (from South Korea) in Regenerative Medicine.

The Vice-Chancellor lauded Dr. Wahedi’s efforts and said that “the dawn of many innovations is not very far and we need to stay on the course of the research”.


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The healing bandage will work for 5 to 12 hours to quicken the wound healing process.

The Rawalpindi Medical University (RMU) will collaborate with the NUMS to test the bandage on the human subject while a scaffold will be developed with the help of Dr. Adnan Haider from the NUMS Department of Biological Sciences.


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Dr. Wahedi said, “The safety of all the substances used in the making of the scaffold, ease of use while promoting wound healing, will not only make this scaffold a leading wound care product in the market in coming years but will serve as a pioneering approach for the development of similar products using various combinations of compounds and polymers”.

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