Pakistani EV Startup ‘Mode Mobility’ Launched, Expects to Introduce Homegrown Products by 2022


A Pakistani electric vehicle startup, Mode Mobility, has been launched with the aim of filling the EV gaps in the local market and promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation in the country. The company, founded by two NUST alumni, is in the process of launching a range of homegrown electric vehicles by 2022. 

Mode Mobility aims to kick-start a wide adoption of electrified transport in Pakistan. Therefore, the first product line they have planned for launch is a series of Electric Scooters. The products are designed to be functional, easy-to-use, aesthetically impactful, and especially focused on the needs of women riders.

In the future, Mode Mobility’s product range is also expected to include electric buses, trucks, and passenger cars. Apart from its consumer product range, Mode is also offering vehicle design and engineering services in order to meet the mobility needs of corporate and fleet users.

The brainchild of two Mechanical Engineers from NUST, Mode Mobility’s story starts in 2012 from NUST where the co-founders worked together to transform their budding student race team into what came to be known as the NUST Formula Student Team.

They led the team in designing and building race cars to compete in international Formula Student events from 2013 to 2015, winning The Communication Strategy Award in Formula Student UK in 2014.

“Mode Mobility is essentially a design and engineering startup focusing on sustainable mobility solutions in order to contribute to the global drive towards net-zero emissions,” shared co-founders Shah Talha Sohail & Najiullah Hussaini. “Mode aims to develop products that add value for the customer through good design and engineering, compelling the customer to adopt sustainable solutions”.

“Mode Mobility is a Pakistani EV company with a strong team of skilled Pakistanis designing and developing electric vehicles tailored for the local market,” shared Shayan Mahmud, Co-Founder. “We understand the local transportation needs and dynamics to which our EV products will effectively cater. We will introduce products that are efficient, durable, cost-effective, and made for and by Pakistanis.”

The current team at Mode Mobility is composed of dynamic and highly talented designers and engineers who are trained at some of the top institutions in the world and are driven by a passion to design and build world-class vehicles in Pakistan.

Several exciting Mode designs are currently at different stages of product development and are planned to be launched by 2022. The Mode Mobility team can be reached at [email protected]

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