Pakistan’s First Smart Female Safety & Security App Iyzil is Now Available on Google Playstore

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Iyzil is a futuristic and comprehensive solution that will revolutionize the Pakistani females’ lifestyle. It empowers all women in Pakistan with a sense of security so they feel and stay safe.

According to a report, 93% of Pakistani females face some form of violence in their lifetime. Therefore feeling unsafe is common among them, but Iyzil is going to change that. Iyzil will ensure that whether they are at home, work, school or college/university, or they are shopping, traveling, in a medical emergency, or being harassed, they always ‘Feel Safe’ and ‘Stay Safe’.

In case of a threat or an incident, a female user can simply trigger a panic alert to inform their personal responders (up to five friends & family) and Iyzil’s 24/7 professional monitoring service. The panic alert is triggered by using an in-app button, pressing the volume button thrice or shaking the phone.

Once alerted, the Iyzil professional monitoring service will contact the female user instantly and ensure that the relevant emergency services (Police-15, Rescue-1122, Fire Brigade-16) are informed. In addition, all her personal responders will also receive notifications about the incident and her whereabouts.

Moreover, a female user can stay in touch with her family and close friends without sending a single text with a range of smart and timed real-time notifications.

Let’s make Iyzil a product of choice for all women in Pakistan so that they ‘Feel Safe’ and ‘Stay Safe’.

You can download Iyzil from Google Playstore now with free Trial for 21 Days.

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