PIA to Operate Special Flights to Bring Back Stranded Pakistanis


Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced that it will conduct 32 flights for the repatriation of Pakistanis stranded abroad due to the COVID-19 imposed travel restrictions.

According to the details, it will use Boeing 777 aircraft to bring back Pakistanis stuck in Kabul ahead of Eid ul Adha, and will conduct flights operations on 12 and 16 July for Afghanistan.


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PIA is also planning five special flights for the Middle Eastern countries to rescue Pakistanis in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and will conduct 10 more flights to Saudi Arabia for the same purpose.


PIA Increases Ticket Prices for Local Flights by 114%

Additionally, it will use Airbus 320 aircraft to conduct eight special flights to Tashkent and will operate a special flight to bring back students from Bishkek.

In other news, PIA has increased the prices of its tickets for domestic flights by 114 percent.

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