Public Procurement Regulatory Body Bars CAA From Training Deal With UK


The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has barred the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) from entering into an agreement with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA) for the training of Pakistani pilots.

Instead, it has instructed the aviation authority to float an international tender for the training of the pilots as per global standards.


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The aviation regulator had been in talks with the UK Civil Aviation Authority ever since an inquiry report pointed out serious anomalies in its examination systems, which led to the grounding of dozens of pilots and cancellation of licenses of many others.

“The PCAA is recommended to engage in the open competitive tendering process for selection of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) compliant organization for the conduct of examinations of pilots, and signing any framework agreement if necessary.”

Following an open bid process, the PCAA should enter into a framework agreement with the ICAO-compliant organization, and all aspiring pilots must pass the examination on their own from any of the ICAO-complaint organizations.


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The procurement body also suggests that these examinations systems should be considered accredited after approval of the competent forum of the PCAA.

Earlier in April, the aviation authority had sought advice from PPRA regarding the negotiation of the tender with a single party, i.e., the UK CAA.

The PCAA wanted exemption from the competitive bidding process because the contract was technical or artistic in nature.


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“The PCAA desires to sign a contract with the UK CAA for the conduct of examination, as per the recurrent fee at the rate of £90 quoted by the UK CAA in addition to the one-time examination fee of £69,600.”

PPRA did not agree to these grounds, saying that the contract nature was more of a “Framework Agreement” than a service provider agreement.

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