Relying Too Much on Furnace Oil Will Raise Electricity Bills

The consumption of furnace oil has reached its peak after a drop in hydel generation from the Tarbela dam due to alarmingly low inflows of water, and this will lead to an increase in electricity bills on account of the fuel adjustment for the month of July.

The price of furnace oil has increased by Rs. 17,000 per ton after the increase in demand in the local market due to fluctuations in the global prices of oil.


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The cost of furnace oil was Rs. 75,000 per ton without tax, but it has surged to Rs. 92,000 per ton in the local market now.


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The post-tax price is Rs. 108,000 as compared to Rs. 88,000 per ton last month.

According to the officials, the increase in the price of furnace oil will also affect the price of electricity — consumers rely more on furnace oil, and this will result in higher electricity bills for them.

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