Samsung Cracks Down on Info Leakers

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It is too common for smartphones to be leaked online way ahead of the announcement. It is impossible for a smartphone to stay under wraps these days and companies like Samsung and Apple don’t appreciate having their products leaked before announcement.


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These leaks usually come from somewhere in the supply chain.

This is why Samsung is now cracking down on supply chain leakers and has issued a strong warning to its supply chain partners. The Korean phone maker is also investigating the source of these leaks and has started issuing copyright statements warning about strict policies.

If the company’s efforts are successful, we can expect to see fewer Samsung leaks in the future. It is likely that Samsung-related leaks will decline for a while before picking up again in the future once the dust settles.

This is because leaks are simply impossible to contain. There is always going to be some source that will leak inside information on the internet which would become common knowledge in a few days.

Apple, for instance, is very strict about product leaks and makes some of its workers wear body cams during their shifts to watch over any potential leaks. Despite all these efforts, we still get to know all about Apple’s iPhones months before they become official.

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