The Increasing Demand of Eco-friendly Homes in Pakistan


Housing demand coupled with climate change poses a myriad of challenges to the socio-economic development of Pakistan. To tackle these challenges, there is an immediate need of addressing these issues. Contemporarily, the shortage of homes in Pakistan cannot be denied in the context of the increasing population of the country.

One of the most instantaneous steps that can help to address both of these issues is by developing eco-friendly homes and houses in Pakistan which can provide an alternative to conventional homes. Similarly, the medium of eco-friendly housing can prove beneficial in extending cheap housing facilities to the citizens. through this blog highlights the increased demand for eco-friendly housing in Pakistan. is the first online real estate marketplace in the country which is providing a seamless real estate experience to the people for various homes through its verified listings.

The real estate sector is a precursor to providing affordable homes in Pakistan through eco-friendly homes.

Eco-friendly Homes

The concept of eco-friendly homes is self-explanatory; the idea of eco-friendly homes revolves around the preservation of the environment while also integrating affordability in its approach. The idea of eco-friendly homes also corresponds to sustainable homes which are almost the same in meaning and concept.

The concept for very long has resonated in the developed world owing to the multitude of benefits.

There are a variety of reasons that are contributing to the increasing demand for eco-friendly homes. The eco-friendly homes are powered by renewable energy sources which not only reduce carbon emissions but also have a positive impact on the surroundings.

Furthermore, eco-friendly homes are built from eco-friendly materials which are replacing conventional construction materials and reducing the costs of accommodation. Eco-friendly houses are a way forward for the future and can help to meet the housing demands.


Following are the advantages that are attributed to eco-friendly homes:

  • The first and foremost benefit of having an eco-friendly home is affordability. As mentioned earlier the cost of construction in eco-friendly houses reduces considerably.
  • As the eco-friendly houses comply with resource conservation, special arrangements are made for water conservation and re-use of water through a cyclic process
  • Eco-friendly homes make a positive contribution to the surroundings as it does not have any negative externalities
  • Furthermore, eco-friendly homes have a good system of insulation which helps in maintaining the indoor temperature and also reducing utility bills

The reasons behind the increase in demand for eco-friendly homes are as follow:


The foremost reason behind the increasing demand for eco-friendly homes is the reduced costs. Management of finances is one of the key factors that a person keeps in mind while constructing a house. An owner tries to keep a check on its finances and tries to manage the construction in the available resources.

Since eco-friendly homes are built from eco-friendly or recycled materials, the cost of construction reduces significantly. Thus a person who is in search of a house and has limited finances can opt for an eco-friendly house.

Resource Conservation

Sustainability is at the core of eco-friendly houses therefore the sustainable homes are built keeping in mind the aspect of resource conservation. Water conservation, recycling, and eco-friendly construction materials are the important aspect of eco-friendly homes which makes a user environment-sensitive.

Furthermore, the eco-friendly homes contribute positively to the environment as it complies with the sustainable practices which not only mitigate the impacts of climate. As per the estimates of the United Nations, the housing sector uses 40pc of the planet’s total resources, therefore eco-friendly homes can be a great tool of resource conservation.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Greenhouse gases are a precursor to the various attributes of climate change; these gases play a major role in glacial melt, global warming, and changing crops patterns. Similarly, electricity consumed by the housing sector is mostly generated by fossil fuels which increases the carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

Eco-friendly homes powered by renewable energy sources can help in achieving a carbon-free environment thus reversing all of these negative impacts of climate change.

Increasing Population

The ballooning population is also driving the demand for eco-friendly homes in Pakistan. As the availability of housing units is directly related to the increasing population, eco-friendly homes can be an immediate tool for providing shelter to people on an immediate basis.

The factor of the population when combined with the purchasing power lands a person in a difficult situation for owning a house. Hence, eco-friendly homes can provide shelter to the population.

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